Online Training

The e-learning or teaching through Internet is being, more and more, the system of study-learning preferred by the Associates ones since it allows, without displacements nor marked schedules, to obtain a complete formation, arranging at the moment of all the materials, and personalized where the Associates chooses its own periods of study, following its rhythm of work and advised by the tutors of the course.

Currently there are many institutions, with innovative educational visions, which use, increasingly abundantly, this training, preparing their students through this way, comfortable and fast, which is in step with the progress that is marking the use of the Internet in all areas of our life.

In addition, with this system you will not find yourself isolated but will have a team of tutors with whom you can contact and who will guide and control your progress in the studies.

If you wish to try any of these courses, please contact the School 96 351 84 09, or do it through this form.