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The Official Association of Commercial Agents of Valencia represents, coordinates, manages and defends the professional interests of its members. In the same way, COACVALENCIA has signed several agreements with different types of companies in order to offer numerous services and benefits to its members. These are the main advantages enjoyed by the members of the Official Association of Commercial Agents.

If you are a Chartered Commercial Agent, all the professional expenses of your office, trip, etc. are tax-deductible. Colleagues can recover VAT for the purchase of a car, deducting its amortization and other costs of use, maintenance, repair, etc. It also has discounts for the purchase or rental of cars, fuels, equipment or trips. Many of our advantages, services and discounts also cover direct family members.

If you belong to the Official Association  of Commercial Agents (COACVALENCIA), you can obtain important banking advantages when you purchase insurance or telephony.

In addition, the Official Association of Commercial Agents of Valencia makes available to the collegiate all its facilities so that it can hold appointments and meetings, make special presentations of samples or promptly attend to a client.

The Official Association of Commercial Agents (COACVALENCIA) also has a sales school where you can acquire continuous and appropriate training through specific courses, free or partly subsidized. In the same way, the members also have a computer room, with free internet access, a web page with space available for members and free e-mail. The Collegiate Agents can take advantage of the permanent trade fair office that COACVALENCIA has at Feria Valencia and access numerous job offers.

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