Functions and Objetives

Functions and Services that are the responsibility of the College:

  • The organization of the profession, its representation and the defense of the professional interests of its members.
  • Serve as a way to participate in the tasks of general interest.
  • Exercise any functions entrusted to it by the Administration.
  • To represent the representation established by the Laws to fulfill its purposes.
  • Participate in Councils or Advisory Bodies of the Administration in matters of competence of the profession.
  • Represent and defend the profession before the Administration, Institutions, Courts, Entities and individuals.
  • Organize activities and common services of interest for the members of the professional, training, cultural, welfare and foresight.
  • To seek harmony and collaboration among the members, preventing unfair competition between them.
  • Take measures to avoid intrusiveness and professional secrecy.
  • Intervene in conciliation or arbitration, in matters that arise for professional reasons among the collegiate.
  • Inform, if applicable, the minimum rates of commission, according to usage and custom.
  • Organize courses for the professional training of collegiate.
  • Those functions that benefit the professional interests of the collegiate.
  • Provide PROFESSIONAL TITLES, which accredit the aptitude and competence and allow the exercise of the profession, and equip the collegiate of the identification card that accredits you.
  • Enrollment and advice on tax and professional tax and social security matters.
  • To guide the collegiate in the drafting of contracts to be celebrated with their Companies, to give advice and legal defense in professional matters through the Legal Service.