fuel discounts

  • The School has agreements with different fuel companies that allow to request different types of cards with special discount conditions for the group of commercial agents.Here are the most notable advantages:

    Consumption management

  • ¬†Billing
  • ¬†Receipt
  • Extract of transactions
  • Consumption reportWide Network of Establishments.

    In them, in addition to receiving the best care, you will find all the services you need.

    Payment in Highway tolls

    You will be able to pay with all comfort in practically all the Tolls of Freeway and Radials without any surcharge, as long as the Card is used for the supply of fuel.

    Telepeaje service

    With the new payment system of Telepeaje and the OBE * Transmitter, you will not have to stop to pay in the tolls of the Spanish motorways.

    Payment made in workshops

    From maintenance to specialized repairs, whenever you need a workshop for your vehicle, you can also pay with your Card. Because there is a wide network of workshops, official and independent dealers of all brands and specialties.

    Technical Assistance Service on the road

    With the cards you will have a technical assistance service on the road, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Security in Transactions: Maximum Security

  • Pin code.
  • On line pump.
  • Authorized Product
  • Credit limit

Cepsa Direct


Contract Cepsa Direct


  • monthly invoice

‚ā¨ 0.08 / liter in Star diesel, super gasoline and ‚ā¨ 0.09 / liter in optimal diesel

Necessary to send original of the Contract to the School. To see brochure Click here


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  • Monthly invoice.
  • More Savings: Discounts up to¬†0.08 / liter in Diesel E+ in preferential Stations

It is necessary to send  all the original documentation to the Association( Contract and Direct Payment).

Cepsa Star


  • ¬†Monthly invoice
  • ‚ā¨ 0.08 / liter in Star diesel, super gasoline and ‚ā¨ 0.09 / liter in optimal dieselNecessary endorsement (free of charge in the following entities indicated below) for twice the monthly consumption. Entities with which there is an agreement of guarantees and guarantee format, hereIt is necessary to send original of all the documentation to the School (Cepsa Star Contract, Direct Payment and Warranty).