Book Spaces

The Official Association of Commercial Agents of Valencia has more than 1,200 m² of space at the disposal of its members. Associates can use the meeting rooms or exhibition of products, the computer room, cafeteria, etc.

All our facilities are at the  Associate’s service so that they can hold appointments and meetings in them, make special presentations of samples or promptly attend to a client. If they want it, the members can use the facilities as a study center, social club, etc. having free parking for one hour.
Chat room

Room for meetings and talks with capacity for 30 people

  • Internet connection
  • Video projector and blackboard
  • Speaker system
  • Conference hal

Room with capacity for 140 people

  • Conference table with sound system
  • Informatics room

 Computer room with capacity for 25 people

  • Internet and network connection
  • Video projector and electronic whiteboardIn addition, the Associates have a computer room, with free internet access, as well as a website with space available for members of the Accociation and free email.

    If you want to use any of our meeting rooms to do a product demonstration, attend a group of clients or gather your business team you can easily make a reservation through our calendar (see below). Select the day and time that interests you and we will confirm the appointment. You can also call us by phone at +34 963 518 409.

    The cost per small or medium room is € 30 (4 hours between 09.00 and 14.00). Consult cost of audiovisuals. To reserve our Assembly Hall, check rates and schedules available.