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Collegiate advantages

Being a member of the Official College of Commercial Agents of Valencia has many more advantages. From access to tax advantages such as the tax exemption of 100% of the vehicle’s VAT,  Tax and Labor Advisory services, access to school halls and offices,  discounts on fuel, insurance, vehicles, travel, free access to Feria Valencia and a long etcetera .

In addition to offering free of charge a job offer with offers from companies looking for Commercial Agents, and an online training platform, free for all members



II Jornadas Actiben, 7 y 8 de febrero de 2019

II JORNADAS ACTIBEN 7-8 FEBRERO 2019/ MAGATZEM DE LA MAR/ BENICARLÓ ACTIVACIÓN ECONÓMICA Y EMPRENDEDORÍA PONENCIAS – MESAS REDONDAS – EXPOSICIONES – CONTACTO OBJETIVOS: • Propiciar la participación de los agentes económicos y sociales en la dinamización económica y social de la localidad y su entorno. • Dar a conocer las posibilidades comerciales y de …

The Commercial Agent

A commercial agent is a self-employed seller. Therefore, it is not a salaried employee who is employed. But it works independently and is the intermediate figure between the company that sells certain products or services and the buyer.

As for the operation of its commercial activity, there are several characteristics that define the figure of the agent:

  • They have a portfolio of several products or services.
  • They work in a variable territory, depending on the type of product, clientele, sales channels, etc.
  • They are experts in the sector and know perfectly all the characteristics of what they are aiming to sell.
  • They have an extensive network of contacts.
  • They work on commission, that is, from each sale, they will receive a percentage. This will depend on the conditions agreed between the agent and the boss.

During the exercise of its activity, the commercial agent will not be responsible for the good end of the operation. This responsibility lies with the company to which it works. He simply sticks to promoting and trading the product or service.


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